3 Ways to Level Up Your Team’s Productivity in Your Office

Do you sometimes feel that you spend all your time at work, but you get to the end of the day and you haven’t even completed half of what was on your to-do list? You aren’t alone, and for many employees who have become used to working from the comfort of their own home, the added hassle of travel time and costs, on top of an already busy schedule, makes coming into the office unappealing and in their minds, unnecessary.

But what if you could create a space that both inspired employees, as well as boosted productivity and make them look forward to coming into the office? As the leading office fit out specialists in Reading and the surrounding areas, we wanted to share our three top tips that you can incorporate into your office to take your team’s productivity to the next level.

Get to Know Your Team’s Personalities and Working Styles

While a collaborative space with lots of background noise might be optimal for one person, another might find working closely in areas with others around a distraction or annoyance. There is never going to be a one size fits all approach to creating a workspace that allows for optimal productivity, which is why it is best to create different spaces to suit different working styles. Create a balance of open-plan, collaborative workspaces and private/solo working areas. Providing a balance of areas will ensure there is something for every working style.

Focus on Aesthetics 

Don’t be afraid of adding some creative flair to your office! Creating an inspirational office setting has been proven to boost work performance, benefit employee wellbeing and encourage high-quality recruitment – So don’t skip this stage!

Connect with nature by trying to incorporate natural light into your office. If you aren’t lucky enough to have large glass windows in every room, focus on the rooms you can, for example, a tea room or breakout area, and make these spaces a sanctuary for natural light. Adding some plants to your office can also help reduce stress, as well as improve air quality.

Adding art to your office has also been shown to increase creativity and productivity. Look for something that matches your office vibe and fits your company branding.

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Take Breaks & Encourage Healthy Eating

It’s all too easy these days to continue working a little longer just to finish that task. However, working through lunch and skipping that tea break can actually hinder productivity. Taking regular breaks can improve mood and concentration. Having a dedicated canteen or tea point that employees can escape to in order to relax can greatly improve productivity and happiness. 

Eating healthily throughout the day can also boost brain power and help to avoid that afternoon energy slump that so many of us experience. Why not swap that packet of biscuits in the cupboard for cereal bars or fruit? Putting healthy snacks out for your employees in their break areas will make it easier for them to eat healthily, and therefore boost energy.

Tried these tips but are interested in a full office redesign, fit-out or refurbishment? At Glenside Commercial Interiors, we are experts in office transformation, creating spaces unique to your business and employee needs. We can transform your space and we guarantee your employees will be happier, more productive and more focused.

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