Installations for technology

Installations for technology

Technical Spaces

Technical requirements

Ensuring that the technical areas in a business premises function efficiently and safely requires skilful planning and careful design configuration. This is true whether the technical space is in constant use, such as a laboratory, or is visited at certain times for monitoring or maintenance purposes.

Technical spaces of every kind demand:

  • Professional installation of equipment and building services facilities
  • Reliable fixing and fitting of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Well-structured floor plan and placement of units ensuring easy and safe accessibility
  • Expert sourcing and fitting of appropriate materials, such as non-slip flooring where necessary
  • Clear signage, notices and markings for safety and operational efficiency
  • Full compliance with building regulations and other legal requirements
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Technical Spaces
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Designing to specification

The wide range of different categories of technical spaces demands an equally wide range of expertise and experience in fitting them out.

For example, the range of laboratory equipment is varied, from basic apparatus to complex analytical instrumentation. Laboratory testing requires total accuracy, and the planning of workstations, defining operating zones and the placement of equipment and storage units is extremely important to a lab’s efficiency.

Similarly, data systems are vital to the operations of the organisations where they are installed, with data storage requiring a range of assets such as sever racks, data racks, power supplies, network switches and fibre assemblies.

Designing technical areas to the required specifications therefore involves very close consultation between the customer and the Glenside project team, ensuring that every technical assignment achieves a completely successful outcome.

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Attention to detail

Designing and fitting out technical areas demands considerable care and attention to detail. The reliable and safe operation of equipment is paramount in whatever function they are required to undertake. Equally, the productivity, comfort and wellbeing of the skilled workforce employed within technical spaces is of the utmost importance. With over 45 years of industry experience, Glenside can be fully relied upon as a trusted technical partner.

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