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Gateways to business

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Office reception design ideas need to focus on the following priorities:

  • Creating an excellent first impression of the organisation to visitors
  • Ensuring that visitors waiting in reception are afforded the maximum comfort and feeling of welcome
  • Reflecting the branding and ethos of the business
  • Meeting all regulations regarding H&S signage, disability access and other legal requirements
  • Supporting the free flow of communication with all parts of the organisation, including the ability to accommodate and process inbound and outbound deliveries

To design reception areas demands the ability to make best use of the space available, however limited or extensive it may be. At times it may also require imaginative solutions for quirky and difficult spaces, such as may occur in older or repurposed buildings. In other words, can you make a virtue out of the obstacle or structural challenge and use it to create a unique character office reception area?

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Individual visions

Every individual business will have its own vision of how this key space for showcasing its business should be used and office reception design ideas will need to reflect this. For instance:

  • Should the reception area be used as an opportunity for displaying company products or equipment?
  • Will there be a screen showing corporate video material or a business/industry related news-stream?
  • Is the reception area to be used as a meeting place between visitors and members of the company?
  • How much of a priority is security, ensuring that visitors do not gain access to other parts of the company premises unaccompanied? In the case of some businesses, such as those in manufacturing or warehousing, safety as well as security is also an issue posed by unauthorised entry from reception areas.
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Key features

Most reception areas have the office reception desk as a main point of focus, and it is important that this key feature fulfils the following criteria:

Facilitating communication and visual contact between visitors and reception staff, enhancing a welcoming environment and also supporting the security/safety requirements previously described
Reflecting the aesthetics of the reception area and the branding/ethos of the organisation
Contributing to the high quality working environment deserved by the all-important reception staff
Frequently a curved reception desk or specially styled reception counter can meet all these requirements and Glenside has a range of extremely skilled bespoke reception desk manufacturers and craftsmen that have worked with us successfully in the past.


At Glenside, we have shown our exceptional ability to design

At Glenside, we have shown our exceptional ability to design reception areas in many and varied projects, as the images in our gallery demonstrate. Our skills include:

  • The imaginative creation and allocation of space
  • Making the best use of natural light
  • Providing office reception area furniture of the highest quality
  • Producing exceptional results from the innovative use of colour, design features and materials

Contact us to discuss how we can make your office reception area a superb gateway to your business for customers, prospects and all your stakeholders.

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