Time for refreshment

Time for refreshment

Office kitchens, canteens and tea points

Fitting out office tea stations and kitchens plays an important role in commercial interior design projects, especially in today’s increasingly informal business environment.

The staff canteen is no longer just a necessary facility but an element of how a business presents itself to customers and stakeholders. An office tea point can become a focus of informal collaboration where ideas can flow as well as refreshing hot drinks!

Creative tea-point zones
Canteen areas
Kitchen fit-out

Functional priorities

Whether the requirement is for small office kitchen ideas or canteen design concepts for large companies, the overriding priorities are practical ones:

  • Are the facilities and equipment being put in place appropriate for likely changes in demand, from low usage to peak activity?
  • Are the requirements for hygiene and health & safety being fully met?
  • Is there an inbuilt degree of flexibility that businesses may need if they wish to repurpose the spaces devoted to kitchens and tea points for functions and special events?
Creative and functional canteens
office tea stations and kitchens
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Comfort and quality

Office tea stations, kitchens and canteens should reflect the importance that a company places on the wellbeing of employees and visitors to the business. However limited or extensive the space involved, an ideal opportunity is presented for a business to demonstrate its hospitality as well as its stamp of individuality.

  • Selecting tea point furniture that is comfortable, attractive and of excellent quality
  • Ensuring ease of access and movement within a canteen area, including the system for producing and distributing meals, snacks and beverages
  • Creating an ideal environment for refreshment and relaxation

These are just some of the aspects that make the design of office kitchens and tea points an exciting and rewarding part of Glenside’s commercial interior projects.

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