Relax and get together

Relax and get together

Breakout & Collaborations areas

Devised by office interior specialists

Breakout areas have become increasingly important elements in today’s offices and office breakout area design needs to meet a range of requirements and aspirations. Ever more frequently, breakout design ideas devised by office interior specialists have to facilitate a range of potential uses, such as:

  • Providing spaces for employee relaxation and refreshment, possibly including facilities for making/dispensing coffee, tea and refreshments
  • Creating places to think through work activities, gain inspiration, review projects  and work away from a computer screen for a while
  • Making areas available for informal meetings, collaborative working and brainstorming sessions
Breakout Area Design
Partitioning systems
Breakout Area Design

Aim for flexibility

This means that office breakout area design should aim for flexibility, which can be made possible by the choice of breakout space furniture, the use of movable screening and other techniques.

The benefits of collaborative working are shown in the way it can encourage innovative ideas and build effective teams. The presence of effective collaborative working can also create an environment where visitors to a business get a positive impression of a business and its ethos.

Meeting room
benefits of collaborative working
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Built for style and purpose

In an increasingly informal and fluid business environment, breakout and collaboration areas are now often used for face-to-face meetings with customers and stakeholders. This makes it important that breakout design ideas not only need to support the wellbeing and motivation of staff but reflect the branding and dynamics of the business concerned.

Glenside has carried out office breakout design projects for a wide range of clients using a variety of styles and materials.

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