Professional attention to structure

Professional attention to structure

Structural Checks and Calculations

Structural Checks and Calculations

Glenside’s Office Fit-out Checklist posted on this website deals with a range of issues that need to be taken into account when moving or relocating to new commercial premises, including the all-important licences to alter. We advised on the benefit of gaining professional help from experts like ourselves to support your business in making the change. This becomes even more important when dealing with internal and external aspects of the building’s structure.

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Agile working
Agile working

Structural investigation

Structural investigation needs to be carried out to establish whether the rental, lease or freehold value attached to a commercial premises is justified. This would take into account the condition of the property, its state of dilapidation and the building services in place such as wiring, heating and drainage.

An accurate assessment would also be required when determining whether changes can be made to the property to meet demands for business expansion or other reasons. For instance, detailed structural and load-bearing calculations were required when Glenside installed a mezzanine floor at the offices of an organic food wholesaler in London.

Structural Checks
Agile working methods

Scope and feasibility

Our experience and professional qualifications enable our clients to have full confidence in the structural checks and calculations we carry out on their behalf. Every project is different according to client requirements, the type and age of property plus the scale and complexity of any fit-out, office redesign or refurbishment to be undertaken.

In each case, we consult closely with the client, conduct a site inspection and will produce a brief or feasibility study. This will cover our findings and recommendations on the structural condition and design potential of the commercial premises concerned.


Professional definitions

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has produced a concise and useful factsheet titled “Definitions of Inspections and Surveys of Buildings” which describes the parameters and key elements of the different types of structural checks that can be carried out. The CIC also underlines the need to be aware of what each variant offers in terms of scope and level of detail.

With Glenside, clients are always fully informed about exactly what structural elements we will be examining and can rely on the high quality of our professional advice and ongoing support.

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