Furnishing space at its best

Furnishing space at its best

Storage and Furniture Design by Glenside

Storage and Furniture Design

Whether you are planning for an office fit out, relocation or simply to re-design your office work space, at Glenside we pride ourselves on our flexible, creative and innovative design features. Having the right working environment that nurtures both creativity and productivity is vital for both SMEs and large corporate firms, and can play a large part in enhancing employee satisfaction.

Making sure your space is fully utilised with our latest innovative storage designs can make your office less cluttered and allow your business more space for other uses. Take a look at just some storage and furniture designs that could make a huge difference to your office.

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Storage for Unusual Spaces

Tailoring furniture and storage concepts to suit your working space is vital in creating the right office environment. At Glenside we can advise and design a variety of storage facilities, from installing floor to ceiling units, to creating storage dividers and feature pieces bespoke to your needs as a company. Whatever size or shape your working space is, we veer away from a “one size fits all” approach with our clients, ensuring your needs are not only met, but exceeded.

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Graphic Design on Storage Units

Keeping with your brand recognition, office style or tone of voice for different rooms while maintaining their functionality can be difficult particularly if your office requires lockers, cabinets or storage dividers. The use of colours, graphic designs or printed imagery can help to create a dynamic and brand focused feature piece for your office, changing dull storage units into eye catching pieces.

These features pieces for your office can also be designed with your work, promotional material or awards in mind. For many clients who pride themselves on their achievements, creating glass fronted units to showcase these can be an impressive piece for the room.

Storage and Furniture Design by Glenside
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Storage Walls

Storage walls can come with a variety of design features, and these features can be used as tea points, break out areas or indeed a talking piece for the room. By installing these innovative storage designs throughout your office, it can encourage workers to interact, and stop your employees stagnating in their workspace.

Breaking up space

Breaking up space by using clever design features that double up as storage can transform an office and create the right working environment for your workforce. If you’d like to get in touch to find out more or have a consultation on your office fit out, Glenside would love to hear from you.

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