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Office Design

At Glenside we understand that as we return to a degree of normality after this pandemic the need for office design is greater than ever.  As social distancing becomes part of everyday life we realise how our current workplaces are no longer suitable.  Whether you want help to rearrange the desk layout or you want to completely redesign the layout to create one way flows and reduce congestion in high density areas, Glenside will be happy to help.

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Mobile social distancing screen
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Social distancing screens

At Glenside, we have worked with manufacturers to develop an screening system specifically with our customers in mind.  Recent studies have shown that open plan offices need to reduce to 15-25% capacity to enable social distancing however we have found that by utilising these screening solutions within our designs we can increase this to 35-45% whilst ensuring all staff are protected.

Currently we have developed floor standing screens for Industrial (warehousing, production lines etc.) Commercial (offices, reception, hospitality, retail and education), Site (Construction) and Medical (hospitals, labs and care homes).  We have also developed a desk mounted enclosure screen for office staff, particularly open plan offices with bench desking.

Office Designing
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Screen features

All floor standing screens have following features:

  • 1900h x 1200w (mm) - Designed to fit through a standard doorway.
  • Tool-less install
  • Static or mobile options for all screens.
  • Aesthetic - Light-weight & slimline extruded aluminium frame.
  • All mobile screens have braked castors, so can be fixed in place but mobile when required.
  • Poly-carbonate infill panel means won't crack or shatter on impact.
  • Available fully glazed, top only glazed or full solid infill.
  • Can be linked together to form barriers, corridors or queue stacks.
  • Each option is available with Anti-Viral coating, lab proven to kill viruses 66% quicker than non-coated surface.
  • Top level extension to extend over benches available.
  • Bespoke sizes, colours and graphics/ manifestation available as option.


How we can help

Glenside can offer to redesign your workspace either just temporarily or on a more permanent basis to enable you to have maximum efficiency whilst protecting your staff and customers.  We believe our screens are some of the best on the market and are an ideal solution to protect your staff or customers where 2m distancing is impossible or inefficient.  This product coupled with our tailored approach to each enquiry means you can be assured of the best outcome.

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