Flexibility at work

Flexibility at work

Large Space Planning by Glenside

Large space planning

Space planning is a fundamental element of any interior design project, whether the area in question be large or small. With a bigger area to work with, performing large space planning effectively is vital to the success of a project.

Space Planning is the process of organising furniture and office functions to work effectively together while using space efficiently. Our workforce has the skill and knowledge to design your workspace for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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Computer aided design (CAD)
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Effective space planning

  • Improved space efficiency: Having all the right equipment and staff in the right places allows you to use each part of your workspace to its full potential, while making sure there are no significant areas where space is not being utilised.
  • Improved staff productivity: By having the equipment which staff need on hand or close by means they will not have to amble around the office, which could distract them, thus reducing their productivity.
  • Improved communication: Planning the layout of workspace enables staff who are in regular contact to be placed closer together, therefore improving their lines of communication.


Computer aided design by Glenside

Glenside space planning services

Our large space planning services include a detailed analysis of how your workspace will be used, taking into account where people will be working and how they will move around the office. We finish off by taking into account where the furniture, equipment and hardware should be placed to create the ultimate working environment.


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