Knowing about your premises

Knowing about your premises

Building Surveys by Glenside

Building Surveys

No matter what you are looking for, a building survey is vital to avoid any unexpected costs during the renovation process.

A survey is intended to be a detailed inspection of a property’s condition. They may only be optional, but they can help you avoid expensive and unwanted surprises, such as a rewiring job you had no idea would need doing.

A building survey is a thorough inspection that can take up to a day to complete, with the final report following in two weeks.

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Aspects of a building survey

Aspects of a building survey can include:

  • Results of tests for damp in the walls
  • Alterations to supporting walls
  • Large trees close to the property
  • The conditions of existing damp proofing, insulation and advice on non-tested drainage
  • Information on the materials used to build the property and any relevant technical information
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Reasons to have a survey done

If you are looking to restyle your workplace it is vital to employ the expert knowledge of a surveyor before completion, to ensure that you are receiving independent advice on the true condition of your potential property.

Reasons for having a survey done:

  • Indicates future maintenance issues to help you plan future expenditure.
  • The location and significant environmental issues are reported on.
  • Provides information about energy saving matters.
  • Indicates potential health and safety issues.
  • Recommends further investigations where necessary.

The comprehensive investigation

The comprehensive investigation that a building survey involves is highly specific in respect to your commercial needs and will put you in the best possible situation to progress with your project.

With over 40 years of experience here at Glenside, we are happy to undertake this for you, and will support and advise you throughout the process.


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