Knowing the regulations

Knowing the regulations

Building Control Assistance by Glenside

Building Control Assistance

Designing and developing a full office fit-out involves more than implementing the right aesthetics. Complying with regulations, and providing the paperwork to do so, can be daunting. This is where we come in; at Glenside we can assist with the procedures required when it comes to gaining Building Regulations Approval  should you wish to alter the physical space of your office.

Being well-versed in all areas of office fit-outs means that we are fully informed about the regulations across the UK and any differences between those applying to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Applications for Building Control Approval are made through either a Local Authority or Private BCB (Building Control Body) and we can advise on where your business needs to apply and what type of application is needed to ensure a smooth process.

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Building regulations

Building regulations will almost certainly require authorisation for any structural works, extensions and major internal alterations, particularly if they have a bearing on health & safety, such as changes to fire escape routes. Undertaking work without building control approval could mean you would be ordered to restore the premises to its original structure. Worse still, you could face serious legal action in the event of an accident and injury that may have had a bearing on the changes you made.

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Building Regulations Approval guidance

Building Regulations Approval guidance states that there are many different types of project that could require approval. The easiest way to assess what these could be is to consider whether the changes being made would affect ingress and egress routes or alter the positions of doors, stairwells  or other major features at the premises.

The construction and extension of buildings, together with other works that could involve acquiring the building regulations approval, are covered in detail in the UK Building Regulations 2010 legislation.

Our Expertise

Our expertise allows us to provide a full office fit-out from start to finish. We ensure we understand each client and how their business works, so that we can design the right office for them and ensure their employees are productive and motivated. In fact, if you’d like to see some of our latest work, take a look at our projects.

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