Blueprints for action

Blueprints for action

3D Visuals, CAD Drawings and Mood Boards by Glenside

Computer Aided Design

At Glenside Interiors, we understand that relocating or re-designing your office space means fully understanding your vision, and designing every detail to ensure your plan is brought to life.

The full scope of each project involves so much more than the technical fit outs we offer. At Glenside we pride ourselves on putting into action the intricate details that make your office stand out, creating bespoke design pieces to suit your needs.

If required, we are able to provide a series of material in order to bring to life your vision, so that you can adjust and add any further details needed, and get a real feel for how your new office space will look. We can do this by creating 3D visuals, CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings and mood boards for you to browse at your leisure.

CAD Drawings
Computer aided design (CAD)
Mood boards by Glenside

Mood Boards

Creating a mood board is where the initial concepts, colour schemes and ideas come together.

At Glenside, we can make as many mood boards needed to give our clients a range of potential ideas and concepts to take forward. It is at this stage that we encourage all proposals and suggestions, no matter how abstract or large, so that we can start to discuss and narrow down the best solutions and designs to suit your work space.

Computer aided design by Glenside
Computer Generated Design Tools

3D Visuals and CAD Design

Our 3D visuals can change your perspective of what you might want in an office, and offers a real insight into the space you’ll be making your own.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings are done through a software that helps architects, engineers and other design professionals create schematics and photo realistic renders for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional features.  This specific type of visual design can help clients and designers see their conceptual ideas brought to life, making both parties more aware of the available space, opportunities for improvement and potential limitations.

The comprehensive investigation

These tools we incorporate into our consultation and design service for our clients are important, and give both parties a feel for how the finished project will to look. Designing an office space is vastly different to designing home interiors, and is about more than merely looking the part. At Glenside, we take into account the number of employees, their functions, the office equipment and the overall employee satisfaction, because we understand that when these all work in harmony the office becomes a more vibrant and productive place to be.


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