Office design

Office design by Glenside

Office design by Glenside

A successful and inspiring workspace originates from a quality and thorough design. Our office design experience and creativity are applied to open the doors to an efficient and productive environment. The office design ideas and recommendations we put forward will be mindful of the constraints of your buildings, timescales and budgets... and also mindful of your organisation's needs, goals and vision.

This is where office space planning comes in, enabling your office to work for you and your staff. Getting your working environment right is an important factor in the success of your business. The benefits of effective office space planning include:

  • It provides individuals with the spaces they need to work effectively
  • It opens lines of communication between departments
  • It accommodates future growth
  • It saves floor space and reduces rental costs

Effective office design balances and synergises the practical with the aesthetic - neither will work in isolation. From initial layout concepts through to full detailed design and visualisations, we are equipped to add our inspiration; matching our office design ideas and plans to the client's individual business and corporate branding requirements.

Implementing office design ideas often includes a blend of space planning, structural calculations, selection of finishes, mechanical and electrical, storage and furniture solutions.

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