Analysis and feasilbility

Analysis & feasibility for your proposed office fit out

Analysis & feasibility for your proposed office fit out

Any successful and well-designed office fit out is founded on a thorough understanding of the needs and challenges that you face as a business. Which is why, as an established office fit-out company, we would recommend to any business considering an office fit out, office relocation or wanting to future proof - in terms of layout, size, functionality - their office space, to go through an analysis and feasibility phase first.

Typical business space scenarios benefiting from a feasibility study might include:

  • your current office location works perfectly but you need more physical space to accommodate a growing workforce. A feasibility study would identify any potential solutions that could increase footage, e.g. the insertion of a mezzanine floor or a complete layout redesign.
  • you need to move to a new building and have shortlisted two possible premises. A feasibility study - looking at both buildings - would identify the best building to accommodate your current business requirements and, importantly, is flexible enough to adapt to future needs.
  • you are thinking of moving to a new building, have found a potential site but are wondering if it is possible to find more space within your existing premises.

Glenside has supported clients who have faced these exact business scenarios. We have worked alongside them, step by step, looking at all the various options available, capital budgets, current and future business plans. This has included analysis of current use of space, team relationships and future business objectives.

Each client has confirmed that, rather than being an overhead, our feasibility services very much pay for themselves.

Analysis & feasibility

Services include:

  • Meetings with stakeholders
  • Space consultancy
  • Needs analysis
  • Building surveys
  • Test-fit space planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Budgeting assistance
Office space planning

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