By John Fielding from Norwich, UK

Commercial Interiors and Refurbishment Services, Reading

Like Maidenhead, Reading is set to benefit hugely from The Crossrail project. On completion, two Elizabeth line trains an hour will allow passengers to travel right through central London without having to change trains. Like Maidenhead, journey times will be cut significantly: Reading to Canary Wharf – 67 minutes; Reading to Bond Street – 53 minutes; and Reading to Liverpool Street, just 61 minutes.


Reading is currently booming. A recent report produced by the think-tank Centre for Cities placed Reading second in the UK behind London for the economic contribution per worker (GVA), with an average contribution of £70,900 per person.

As an office fit out company, such statistics confirm that Reading is a town on the rise. There are exciting times ahead for office design in Reading, since this is a service that is essential to a the success of a business and the motivation of its workforce.

Unsurprisingly, Reading is attracting both inward investment and big name companies, eager to make Reading their business home. Upcoming game-changers for the town include the transformative Royal Elm Park project which brings to Reading a "world-class convention centre" set to rival any of the better known London conference venues

Other locational benefits

The juxtaposition of fast and accessible transport connectivity, the considerable presence of technology-led businesses – EDM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, to name a few, a world-class research university and attractive riverside residential developments all makes Reading a highly desirable place to work and live.

With the town experiencing a boom in its fortunes, it is likely that you may soon have reason to look for an office fit out company in Reading.

We showcase a number of our projects on this website, to give you a feel for the quality of our office fit outs and office designs in Reading and further afield.

Glenside Commercial Interiors are based just over 18 miles away in another Thames Valley town, High Wycombe. We understand the vitality of the many high-tech businesses located along the M4 corridor and into Reading. We understand too the changing ways of working and our vibrant and innovative designs have created flexible work spaces which include breakout spaces for collaborative working alongside more private zones for individual, focused work.

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