Making returning to work safer for you

At Glenside we are striving to make sure that when you are able to return to work, your workplace environment is as safe as it can be. With this in mind, we have been cooperating with innovative manufacturers to produce a range of office screening solutions to enable reliable social distancing measures to be achieved.

We have now developed portable standing screens and a desk mounted enclosure screen, which we believe will allow your office space to be as safe as possible for your staff and visitors. The Glenside team and the manufacturing partners we have worked with believe that these screens provide an effective method of protecting office staff and visitors where 2m distancing is impossible or inefficient. We are able to tailor our products to your specific needs and are here to help in every way.

Showing high levels of commitment to your company’s safety procedures against Covid-19 infection can increase the confidence of employees and stakeholders and positively contribute to their mental well-being. Knowing they are cared for and working in a secure office space should in turn lead to benefits such as reduced absenteeism together with improved morale and Increased productivity.

It is our aim to continue to come up with ways to make sure your office is as safe a place to work in as possible. If you are interested in our office design screening solutions then we would be delighted to hear from you.