Your Guide to the Hybrid Office Environment

A hybrid office is an environment that supports the distribution of the workforce between the office, and working remotely. The term ‘hybrid office’ is becoming increasingly well-known as employees desire more freedom and flexibility in their working environment. The Health, Wealth and Happiness study by LifeSearch recently found 44% of employees wanted some form of hybrid working on their return to the office. The hybrid office has developed as a more flexible solution, allowing employees to have a mix between the office and home working.

What this means is that for many companies, offices still exist, however they exist differently now from how they did pre-Covid. At Glenside, we recognise this change and are here to work with clients to redesign, relocate or provide ideas on how to adapt your office space to fit this new way of working.

Give your office some homely features to bring WFH to the office

As so many employees have got used to working from the comfort of their own homes, it is important to incorporate some homely elements into your office space. By making workers feel as comfortable as possible, they will in turn feel valued, and therefore more motivated in their work. This could mean adding elements such as:

  • Sofas
  • Classic house plants
  • Textures that evoke a sense of warmth, comfort and familiarity

For a research company in Buckinghamshire, we created a bespoke working environment that encompassed the company’s branding into design features. We created comfortable surroundings for employees by supplying new furniture, floor coverings and decorations. 

See the case study here

Increase space for agile working and collaboration

As employees are expected to return to work on a part-time basis, less desk space will be required on a daily basis. This will therefore create additional floor space that can be configured to meet the needs of employees and enhance working practices.

Social interaction amongst team members is something that for many has dwindled during the pandemic, as all meetings have moved online and working has for many become a more solitary activity. In order to rekindle team spirit, businesses should consider using space to expand and improve breakout facilities, create recreation areas, and other areas for relaxation and collaboration.

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One of our longstanding clients, a housing association in Oxfordshire, wanted to increase collaboration and interaction between staff. We designed an aesthetically stimulating workplace with a friendly atmosphere that would encourage people to cooperate and ideas to flow, including creating a tea point and break out zone.

See the case study

Video Call-Friendly Environment

With the continuation of homeworking comes the continuation of video calls to communicate with both clients and employees alike. However, having many employees on video calls at once in the office may sound like a logistical nightmare. We are committed to helping businesses solve this problem by ensuring all Glenside workspaces are equipped with the required components to allow for multiple video calls simultaneously, with the least disruption possible. This includes assessing and optimising the acoustics of the building, as well as altering cabling to facilitate any new technology. We have also implemented phone booths, private work areas, as well as one-person meeting rooms.

Get in touch to discover how Glenside can help optimise your working space to suit your post-pandemic business needs.