How to avoid sitting down all day when you work in an office

How to avoid sitting down all day when you work in an office

By its very nature, working in an office generally involves a lot of sitting. At a computer. In meetings. On the phone. This is very different to many other work environments where you might spend large amounts of time on your feet – teachers in schools; neighbourhood police officers; shop managers on the shop floor.

A recent survey, carried out by Edinburgh University has revealed that middle-aged male office workers spend more time sitting down than pensioners! Long periods of sedentary work has been linked to being overweight, even obesity, leading to a number of chronic or acute health problems such as type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer and early death.

Dr Mike Evans explains the risks to our health beautifully in his well-known presentation, “23 and a half hours”:

So, how CAN you avoid sitting down all day if you work in an office (or at home at a desk)? Firstly, there are some quick fixes you can employ immediately:

  • If you can, walk or cycle to and from work (instead of using your car or the bus. Remember, it’s about avoiding sitting).
  • Take regular breaks by moving around the office.
  • Use the stairs and not the lift if you need to speak with a colleague on another floor. In fact, speak in person with someone rather than picking up the phone or using the email, if they are in the same building of course!
  • Don’t have lunch at your desk. Instead, go for a brisk walk in the fresh air.

Another approach is to look at your office furniture. Glenside is able to supply, as part of an office fit out or separately, a new type of office furniture which allows users to stand at their desks for some or all of their working day.

These height-adjustable desks come in a range of styles and we have levels of luxury and functionality to suit every budget.

Adjustable desk

We think you’ll agree that this innovative furniture provides an excellent solution to the sedentary office problem. If you want to try some of our standing desks before buying, we would be delighted to show you our latest models at our High Wycombe showroom. Call 01494 529803 to arrange a visit.

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