Colours in the workplace – Are you set up for success?

Did you know that the taste of your favourite food could taste better, or worse, depending on the colour of the dish it’s served in? Colour affects so many of our choices and interactions. Our memories are filled with colour, and we recognize some of the biggest brands through colour – so why should your office be any different? 

Colour is a visual experience that subconsciously affects the brain, and therefore, how we work. The colour of your surroundings can therefore contribute to happiness, productivity, and stress levels, meaning the colour scheme of your office should be carefully planned out in order to stimulate the right mood in your employees.

Bring Some Heat

Warm colours in the workplace cause stimulation and should be used sparingly. Red indicates power and excitement, however, too much of it can cause anxiety. Meanwhile, yellow has been shown to stimulate creativity and can do wonders to keep employees thinking and performing in innovative ways. 

Best use:

Use warm colours in accents around the workplace to draw employees attention to areas you want them to look at. 

Feeling Blue

Did you know that blue is the world’s favourite colour? Considered an intellectual colour, blue represents logic, communication and efficiency, and therefore can help your employees stay focused and productive. Along with blue, green is a calming colour and has been shown to increase tranquillity and relaxation, while reducing anxiety.

Best use:

Try using blue or green in your boardroom or meeting rooms to enable employees to come up with intelligent solutions, while creating a calming environment.

Keeping it Neutral

Whites, creams and soft greys are not particularly stimulating colours but can be good when used to complement brighter splashes of paint and decor. Although if used correctly, neutrals can be used to create a modern, spacious environment, too many neutral tones can come across bland and depressing. Be cautious of using too many neutrals across your office, and be sure to team them up with clever lighting choices to create a sleek and inspiring environment.

Best use:

Use neutrals around your office with care, making sure to add splashes of colour to keep employees motivated.

What was once merely a stylistic choice, workplace colour schemes are now widely understood to affect concentration, stress levels and mood, making it an important factor to consider and plan when revamping your office. At Glenside, we specialise in designing workspaces that reinforce your company culture, harmonise with your employees’ needs  while boosting staff productivity and positivity. Our experienced team can produce interior solutions that can transform your business. 

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