Biophilic Design – Fad or Innovation?


Biophilic design is based on the idea that using nature inspired themes for office design can greatly improve the productivity of your workforce, and has recently made headlines with its eco-friendly stance on office wellbeing. From growing your own greenery, to installing waterfalls throughout your office space, Biophilic design is a fast growing movement taking the office interior design world by force. 

However, a recent study found that a surprising 57% of UK land mass is already dedicated to agriculture, with 35% termed at natural, or semi natural. This might come as a surprise to many, with Britain’s industrial industry booming, and large corporate cities from London to Edinburgh consisting of sky high buildings and high rise apartments.

With this in mind, the concept of biophillic design might hold some weight around the built up areas of London, where greenery is scarce and urbanisation leaves a grey tinge to the environment. – But what about those lucky offices in Thames Valley, such as Reading’s Green Park? Is it worth investing money on a trend that is already prolific in your environment? And if not, are there are better ways to get the most out of your business and staff? 

Finding what works for your business can not only make you stand out to potential clients, but also attain your business goals. Glenside can help you to decide how best to spend your budget in order to get the most out of your environment, workforce and business objectives. 

We offer a consultative service that allows us to create a bespoke office design to suit your needs. From increased productivity, to higher staff retention rates, knowing where to invest your cash can be half the problem.

For example, working in an office surrounded by rural settings can mean your office might benefit from:

  • Installing larger break-out rooms, for those who can’t go out for lunch during office hours.
  • Incorporating glass partitioning and open-plan layouts within an office design to maximise the effectiveness and visibility of external windows.
  • Having shower facilities installed, for those wanting to get outside for a run, or HIIT session in the beautiful surroundings during their lunch break.

It is by understanding your businesses strengths and weaknesses that Glenside Commercial Interiors can find the best office design to suit your needs, so you can start your own office trends to create a happy and productive workforce.