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Here at Glenside Commercial Interiors LLP we provide a wide range of design and fit-out services, which includes designing and fitting out high-tech laboratories. Whether it is a small-scale research lab or a complex R&D facility, we are able to offer our expertise and support backed by many years of medical and scientific sector experience.

When approaching a laboratory design project there are several key areas to consider. We will discuss specific requirements in detail with the client and will work closely with them throughout the project to confirm that every aspect is efficiently and accurately covered. This will ensure that:

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Lab fit-out services
  • We know what it is used for: It is important for us to establish exactly what the lab is likely to be used for. This is our fundamental starting point for an efficient and safe lab fit-out project.
  • The lab is fully equipped: We are able to source and install the correct high-tech fixtures and fittings for a laboratory. From a standard unit to a bespoke piece of laboratory furniture, we have high quality suppliers that can provide it.
  • The risk of accidents is as low as possible: When users have adequate space between work benches and along the aisles, the chance of colliding with colleagues is substantially reduced. If on the off chance such an incident does happen, there has to be enough room to move around quickly to deal with the outcome and to clean up any spillages.
  • Productivity is enhanced: Creating a layout which will maintain a high level of productivity is important. From a work perspective, a layout which increases the time taken for handling and movement will decrease productivity. Furthermore, having the right equipment in the right place will help workers to focus accurately on the project in hand.
  • The lab can be adapted if required: It is important to establish whether there is the scope to adapt a laboratory if research demands change over time. For example, moveable workbenches can be installed as well as required levels of ventilation for chemical work.
  • Unseen infrastructure is connected: There are many unseen elements which make up a successful lab. We are able to coordinate gases, power supplies and drainage systems so that operations can run smoothly.
Laboratory fit out services

With over 45 years of industry experience, Glenside can be fully relied upon as a trusted technical partner and would be glad to hear from you about any laboratory fit-out requirements you may have.

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