COVID19 – Workplace Protection & Prevention

Many of us are probably thinking and maybe longing for a return to normality, to life as we used to know it but in the meantime we must do our bit to fight this virus, whether that is as simple as working from home or as drastic as closing the business during lockdown it is essential that COVID19 becomes history.  As we plan our return to place of work and for our customers that are maintaining operations during this crisis it is essential that appropriate measures are put in place to prevent a resurge or secondary outbreak. Also, we are all now a lot more aware of the impact that this kind of disruption has on our lives and businesses and safeguarding measures may well become the norm as we move forward.  We  have come up with a range of products and ideas to help prevent and protect your staff.


Sensitive thermal screening CCTV solution to help prevent a second wave of the virus entering your premises.  Could this simple device bolster the confidence in the workforce?

Automatically registers temperature of multiple individuals using thermal cameras combined with facial recognition technology.  Results can be recorded, enabling you, as a responsible person, to document your prevention measures.

Unlike many other infra red thermometer options, it can be deployed in conjunction with social distancing.  Another benefit is that it can be deployed discreetly, so staff and visitors feel under less pressure.



Automation of entry doors to avoid staff and visitors touching handles, whilst avoiding propping doors open (which could essentially destroy the security of your premises).

This technology can be retro-fitted to sliding or hinged door sets.  One simple solution can save thousands of potential cross-contaminating hand touches per day!


It has become a big advantage to be able to open a door latch without using the handle, but at the same time maintain security.

Proximity readers allowed validated personnel to activate an electromagnetic door locking device or door automation without needing to touch the door.

There are huge benefits for an organisation in being able to monitor the status of door locking and access ‘events’ by time, by person and by location.

Imagine the control of having everyone’s arrival and departure time appear in a time and attendance report…..or may require different verification depending of time of day.  For example, to require ‘verification’ when outside of working hours, timed authentication allows you to do this.

Bluetooth compatibility allows readers to be used with handsfree credentials as well as smartphones & smart watches.

The access control system can be monitored and controlled via a smartphone app allowing you control from any location.









Signage tells visitors to wait in a designated area and not to touch door entry or intercom.

A visitor is noticed by CCTV using loitering detection technology which then triggers a basic alert sounder like a doorbell, this also creates an automatic video call over the video intercom system.  This is ideal for trade counters, goods in doors and visitor entrances.

The intercom call can be picked up by the designated handset and door released once visitor has been validated.  This can be set to ‘roll over’ to other phones on the clients SIP phone system, calling either handsets or mobiles.

Combined with the temperature screening CCTV this can be a powerful weapon in preventing and controlling what enters your premises.

TOM (Tannoy over Mobile) & CCTV

This kit allows you to use audio speakers in conjunction with the CCTV system.  This means you can challenge any trespassers in real time over loudspeaker even when you are working remotely.  This all works from your mobile phone, provided you have coverage!

Ideal for remote working facilities managers, a real asset when you need to assure clients that your property assets are protected and to protect skeleton staff working shifts.

How it works:

  • A person crosses a line which can be pre-set by you on the CCTV’s view.
  • It alerts your chosen phone numbers.
  • Your facilities managers/ security personnel check what has caused the alert.
  • If necessary they can broadcast a loud challenge.
  • The intruder can reply if they have a reason to be there.


Have you prepared for a site lockdown if the unthinkable happened?

What would happen if you found you had a case of COVID19 in the building?

Could you ensure lockdown until the infected person is safely removed?

Our public address system allows rapid deployment of an emergency lockdown.  Use a sitewide, instant public address for warning and all clear announcement and give reassurance to staff for crowd control at all times.



One the main sources of cross contamination within the work premises is the washrooms.  Not only during these times of unprecedented cleanliness, introducing sensor operated sanitaryware can only improve your hygiene levels.

From sensor operated taps and soap dispensers to automatic hand dryers and proximity flushes it is possible to eliminate any possible touch points that may hold virus germs leading to cross contamination.  Even a simple redesign of larger washrooms can often lead to a more structured flow allowing persons to maintain social distancing more easily.


The World Health Organisation believes the COVID19 virus can survive on hard, plastic surfaces (light switches) for up to 2-3 days.  Unless you can afford to clean all touchpoints after a room has been used the potential for contamination is huge.  PIR lighting eliminates a high risk touchpoint and also can save your business money by turning off lights when the area is not in use.



Many enterprises that have closed their premises may require a deep clean before returning to operational capacity.  Glenside can now offer a tailored sanitisation programme benchmarking your premises back down to a 0.001% level of contamination.  This is done by ‘fogging’ where specialist technicians spray a electro-stactic ultra-fine mist of all-purpose sanitiser paying particular attention to high touch areas.


At Glenside we are doing our best to reduce the impact of this virus and prevent any chance of a resurgence and we want to help you do this as well. That’s why we have invested time and resources in making ourselves available to offer these products and ideas that will help your company get back to normal faster and quicker. We want you to have a healthy and progressive return climb out of this crisis without any setbacks, the more measures we put in place the less disruption this will cause on the economy as a whole.
We look forward to hearing from you soon, stay safe and well!

From the team at Glenside