At Glenside our focus, as a team, is to partner with our clients to help create workplaces that enable them to become more successful in their field.  Applying years of experience and industry knowledge, the leadership team at Glenside support the rest of the team throughout every project.  All team members are committed to making sure we conduct our business in a way that serves our clients and stakeholders at the highest level.

Charles White

Charles White
Managing Director

Charles joined the company in 1991, when his father Andrew brought him in as the company expanded. He came with a lot of experience in the construction industry and site management and helped to lay the foundations for what Glenside is today. Sadly,  Andrew passed away only 7 years later; and Charles has continued to run the business to this day.


Kyle White
Project Director

Kyle started out in Design before moving on to become the Head of Project Management. His job role includes the strategic delivery of project management, site management / supervision, Health & Safety and procurement.

Ryan White

Ryan White
Sales & Marketing Director

Ryan is focused on delivering our clients' vision for their offices whilst supporting their business goals. Having gained skills and qualifications in a range of areas from furniture and construction through to sales, marketing and business management, he is well placed to oversee all stages of commercial fit out and refurbishment works.


Rick Woolgar
Key Client Project Consultant

Rick has obtained a wealth of knowledge in the commercial interior industry during his many years at Glenside.  With a wide range of experience in projects ranging from complete company relocations and office fit-outs to laboratories, he is a key asset to any client looking to carry out a complex project.  With a high level of attention to detail and a desire to really understand a client and the drivers behind a project, Rick delivers a great project experience time after time.


Gerald Lindsell

Gerald joined the company in 2014 and continues to demonstrate a great understanding of workplace environments.  His key skills include an in-depth knowledge of AutoCad, the ability to produce CGI’s and familiarity with a wide range of furniture and finishes.

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