5 Important Ways We Minimise Disruption During Your Office Fit-Out, Refurbishment or Consolidation

Here at Glenside, we have a number of processes and methods to ensure that we minimise any disruption to your business and employees during a fit-out, refurbishment or consolidation. 

Undertaking an office fit-out, refurbishment or consolidation can be hugely exciting, but it can also be stressful – particularly if work is taking place in a building that needs to remain operational. If proper care and consideration isn’t taken to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum, your dream project can soon become a headache. 

At Glenside, we prioritise your work and your employees. We have a number of procedures and methods to ensure that you can carry on business-as-usual as much as possible during your project. 

For example, we are currently completing an office refurbishment project for a client in Oxford, which incorporates a small lab area and a library. We took out the windows before we started the strip-out to provide an access point for our team, with a lift going up from the ground floor. This enables us to stay completely separate from staff going in and out – which is great for health and safety and for minimising disruption!

How we ensure minimal disruption during your office project

  1. We agree to a program with you before work starts to ensure we have designed the best possible timeline for efficiency, safety and minimal disruption.  
  2. We keep you informed every step of the way so that you are fully aware of all work. 
  3. When needed, we can do weekend work to minimise noise disruption. 
  4. We try to always separate work areas when we can so that we can have a separate work area and welfare facilities. 
  5. We can also set up temporary accommodation on site to rehouse staff while we work in their offices, or we can use temporary buildings for our own site personnel and welfare facilities. 

Particularly in the current moment when health and safety is of utmost importance, keeping all work separate, organised and running smoothly is key to project success and your satisfaction with the process. To talk with our team about your next office fit-out, refurbishment, consolidation or redesign, contact us here.