Ongoing office fit out support services

Completing a successful office fit out, on time and to budget, is definitely a cause for celebration. Upgrading facilities to meet today's visions for a technologically resourced, collaborative and agile workplace can also play a significant role in enhancing employee performance, motivation and well-being.

Maintaining an optimally fitted out office, however, can sometimes feel like the painting of the Forth Bridge. Glenside are here to support you with ongoing, smaller alterations and any additional items you may need, as well as the larger projects. Ongoing strong and mutual partnerships with our clients are the foundation of our business.

Ongoing support might be needed when you are faced with an expanding department or a temporary collaborative project with a client or business partner. Developments in your industry might require a change in business objectives and changing business priorities. Any of these events might require an adjusted work space plan, additional furniture or new office layouts, possibly to reflect new agile workplace design concepts. View us as a dedicated member of your facilities team and we will be on-hand to cost-effectively service your organisation’s needs as your business grows.

All good business works positively for all involved. Some of our clients are pleased to share their experiences and recommend Glenside to other people or companies they know. Why not speak to us if you would like to connect with one of our existing clients? We will be glad to assist.

Ongoing support services include:

Amended space planning
Collaborative and agile workplace proposals
Minor alterations
Decoration and floorcoverings
Small relocations
Additional furniture
Graphics and signage
Acoustic improvements