Office Consolidation

There are many motives for businesses wishing to consolidate their activities. These typically can include the wish to become more streamlined to achieve operating and cost efficiencies. However, in our experience there are a variety of other reasons that can come into play and also benefits to office consolidation that are not always fully appreciated.

Office consolidation can be required for businesses that wish to move operations from multiple sites to a single building.

On a smaller scale, there are those that wish to merge some or all of their operations and workforce within a given floor or office space.

Glenside has also carried out projects for businesses that wished to remain in their existing premises while carrying out an expansion of their operations. This can be because:

  • The business is strongly associated by its heritage and activities with a given community
  • The character of their existing premises complements their branding and image
  • The location is an ideal commute for existing staff and as a possible pool for recruitment
  •  The facilities such as shops, restaurants and green spaces available within easy reach of the business are attractive to the workforce and stakeholders

Working closely with our clients, we have created commercial interior designs that have enhanced opportunities for collaborative working and the flexible use of space and resources.
Every office consolidation project we undertake is carried out with rigorous planning and attention to detail. We also assist our clients with advice on legal requirements and negotiations with property owners whenever required. Glenside’s office consolidation services will offer the highest levels of client support – committed, ongoing and truly comprehensive.