How to support mental health in the workplace

The growing issues of mental health in the workplace has unearthed some worrying statistics over the past year, with recent research from the OECD finding that the cost of mental health the UK economy sits at a staggering £70 billion a year, translating at 4.5 percent of GDP.


Is Biophilic Design the latest trend you shouldn’t be investing in?

Biophilic design is based on the idea that using nature inspired themes for office design can greatly improve the productivity of your workforce, and has recently made headlines with its eco-friendly stance on office wellbeing. From growing your own greenery, to installing waterfalls throughout your office space, Biophilic design is a fast growing movement taking the office interior design world by force. 


How to avoid sitting down all day when you work in an office

By its very nature, working in an office generally involves a lot of sitting. At a computer. In meetings. On the phone. This is very different to many other work environments where you might spend large amounts of time on your feet – teachers in schools; neighbourhood police officers; shop managers on the shop floor.


What to look for in a commercial estate agent

Selecting a commercial estate agent is very important for businesses involved in finding new office premises or relocating operations. Making the right choice can help you to smooth the way in both finding the right property and undertaking successful negotiations with landlords.


Can’t hear yourself think in your open plan office? We might just have the solution you’re looking for.

Collaborative working in an open plan office, undoubtedly, has its virtues:-

  1. the removal of physical (and psychological) barriers between individuals and between teams;
  2. the creation of additional space, with the taking down of internal walls and doors;
  3. the increased flow of natural light;
  4. the saving of money;
  5. encouraging a sense of teamwork.

However, there are definitely some downsides.


Maidenhead is great for business

As the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Theresa May, Maidenhead has proved to be an excellent base from which to rise to the heights in politics. This thriving town on the banks of the Thames is also an excellent place for businesses to locate, grow and prosper, not least because of its dynamic regeneration programme.

Having recently undertaken a major relocation and office fit-out for a leading retailer's 30,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Maidenhead, Glenside has been able to experience at first-hand how development plans are progressing.


What do Millennials Want from Employers?

CBRE, the world leading providers of commercial property and real estate services, have recently produced a comprehensive survey report "Millennials Myths and Realities" which provides fascinating and vital insights into the aspirations of the millennials generation. Also known as Generation Y, millennials are generally defined as people born in the years from 1976 to 2004.


A year of change... what will 2017 bring?

There's no doubting 2016 has been a momentous year – Brexit, the US Presidential Election, Leicester City winning the English Premiership on initial bookmaker odds of 5000-1 and England's unbeaten record in the rugby!

As it draws to an end (phew!), it's natural to start looking forward to the coming year and to wonder what 2017 will bring. With Trump as President and Britain edging towards an exit from the EU, it certainly won't be dull. In the world of business, it will be exciting to see what new opportunities, innovations, technology and ideas begin to emerge.


4 top reasons why it's time for an office redesign

Does your workspace help or hinder your employees? Does it motivate or deter productivity? In dezeen architecture and design magazine, it was reported that the right office design can have a huge bearing on the happiness of employees, more so even than pay rises. Employees look for a sense of "belonging, connection and contributing to a greater good" in their work environment, reflecting high levels of connectedness in their personal lives through social media.


Uncertain times for commercial property

Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, announced two days ago that the economic fears held before the EU referendum, including those relating to commercial property, were beginning to crystallise. Following his remarks, the Global Head of Real Estate Research at HSBC, Stephen Bramley-Jackson, said yesterday that, "the suppressed activity levels in UK commercial real estate... will now likely extend for the remainder of 2016, and probably beyond".

So, what does this mean for businesses that are thinking of relocating to new premises, either as part of their plans for expansion, or to achieve other corporate objectives?


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